Friday, May 4, 2007

Bumpzee widgets

Bumpzee is a blog community site where you can browse for blogs, check out the latest or most active members, find blogs by tags, join or create communities, make comments, find bloggers with similar interests etc.

In the communities you can 'bump' the articles you like (you bump zee articles ja?), and the number of bumps are displayed so the community can see what articles are most popular.

You can also add this 'bump it' button to your blog, so visitors can bump your articles if they want to.

Another widget you can add is this recent visitors widgets, so you can see when other bumpzee members have visited you.You can customize the size, colors and number of people you want to display, and if you want you can also display some of the BUMPzee top blog entries.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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Hackosphere, Drop-down menu creator

If you want to save some space in your sidebar then you can put some of your links in a drop down menu from hackosphere.

If you want to open the page in the same window you can try and replace "" in the code with "window.location.replace".

Get your menus HERE.

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How many people are reading your blog right now??
Well, this little widget will tell you.

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Quimble poll widget

Get yer polls HERE.

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Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Spicypage voting widget.

Spicypage is a blog community where users can vote on the sites they like.

When you have signed up you can make your own profile, comment on other peoples profiles, add friends, vote on blogs, watch what your friends have voted on, make "interests groups" about your own or other blogs etc.

You can also search for blogs, or browse blogs by category or tags, or by "most popular"/"best voted".

They currently have two styles of voting widget, the regular and the thin:

And there's six colors to choose from.

You can see (and test hehe) mine in my left sidebar.

Seems like a really cool page, get your voting widget HERE.
(registration required)

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Lijit search widget.

Lijit is sort of a "social search engine" where the visitors to your blog can search through your interests, they can search through your bookmarks on sites like digg and, your photos on flickr, videos on youtube, your myspace profile, the blogs in your blogroll, and so on.

You can also simply add only your blog, and use it as a blog search engine.

Along with the widget you can have a tag-cloud of the most popular searches, and also a list of the links you have added to the "My Content" section of your profile.

A cool little widget i think, you can use it as a way of letting people search through all of the stuff you are interested in, or you can make your own customized search engine by adding links to all the sites you think are relevant to a certain topic.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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Planetminibox chat widget.

Good looking chatbox from planetminibox.
Very customizable, you can change colors, fonts, font colors, font sizes etc.There is also a nice selection of pre made templates.

Some features of the free version are:

- profanity filter

- IP banning.

- You can click on a persons nick and chat with him privately.

- You can chat "globally" with others who also have this chat box and have the global feature enabled.

If you upgrade to the paid version you get more control over your box.You can allow registered users with custom avatars, turn some users into moderators, have a background image, more capacity ,longer post size etc.

Get it HERE.

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TagWorld, animated banners and text effects.

Some cool animated thingies to make your blog look good.To bad you can't get rid of the damn link and the 'share' button.

Get these and more HERE. (You have to sign up to tagworld)

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