Saturday, April 21, 2007

PollDaddy polling widget

A really great polling widget from PollDaddy.


* Decide whether you want your poll to be multiple choice or single choice.

* Whether you allow an "other" answer or not.

* Block repeat voters by cookie, or by cookie and IP adress.

For the design of your poll they currently have 14 predefined styles, and you can create your own style by editing a CSS style sheet.

But what is really cool is that you can create a widget and place it wherever you want on your blog, and then when you create or edit polls in your account at PollDaddy the changes will be reflected in your blog without you having to copy and paste any code.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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SurveyTool said...

Thanks for Poll Daddy... always enjoy trying out a new widget... if only to see how well it works for yourself.

Anonymous said...

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