Saturday, April 14, 2007

Gabbly chat widget

This chat is easy to install, just go HERE and press "embed" to get the codes.No registration is required, but if you register you get to reserve your chat name and create an avatar.

Gabbly is actually a chat site which can be used to chat on any site on the internet by adding in front of the link.

For example:

There might only be a lame bot there though, who you'll have a "conversation" with somewhat like this:

gabber630: hey, a new person!
gabber630: 24/f/ca, a/s/l?
gabber630: do you have a myspace?!
gabber630: what are you waiting for?
gabber630: brb ^_^ (and he's not coming back)

or this:

gabber410: hi
gabber410: this is wild
gabber410: i've never seen anything like this
gabber410: internets is pretty awesome these days
gabber410: i hope more people come (and he doesn't say anything else)

Get it here.

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