Monday, April 16, 2007

Criteo AutoRoll Widget

This is an automated blogroll which is supposed to show links to sites with similar content as yours.

Immediately after installing it i think that most of the links are good, at least none of them are completely off-topic, so it looks promising.You can check out mine at the bottom of the right sidebar.

You can specify the widht, number of links and the colors.

If you want one for yourself you can get it HERE.

(PS: It only displays links to blogs that have the widget)

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Brandon Watts said...


I'm glad to see that you like widgets, and I'm especially happy to know that you've found AutoRoll to be promising!

It's nice that you're off to a good start, and as time goes on, the links that are displayed in your AutoRoll will become even more relevant.

After you've used the widget for a couple of weeks, please be sure to let us know what you think about the results! :)

Brandon Watts
Criteo Evangelist

phil said...

Thanks for the comment Brandon, yes i hope that more and more people use this widget because i've found some good blogs with it.