Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Blogcatalog recent visitors widget.

Blogcatalog is a blog directory, but it also has community features similar to mybloglog.You get your own profile, you can add your own picture, people can leave you comments, add you as a friend, rate your blog etc...

There you can also get this widget which shows other blogcatalog members who have recently visited your blog.

Get it HERE. (Of course, you have to sign up and submit your blog first)

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GeeSee chat widget

A chat for your blog, this is not like a tagboard but a "real" chatroom with profiles, possibility to open a private chat, kick or ban users etc.You can create several chatrooms, you can search for chatrooms on specific topics, and you can assign tags so that users can find your chatroom.

The chatroom you see in the above image the smallest size, but if you don't want to embed it you can get a button such as this one.

Start Geesee CHAT

This will open the chat in another window, there are also plenty of other buttons to choose from.

Get it HERE.

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Widgetbox Flickr Slideshow widget

This widget shows images from flickr, they can be your images or images which are found by searching for some tags which you define.I have set this one to display something which i think we all love: coca cola and cigarettes.

The widget is very customizable.You can decide how many images you want it to display (from 3 to 30), the size of the images, the slideshow delay and the sort order of the images. (among other things)

You can also change the width, height, background color, text color and fonts of the widget.

Get it HERE.

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Monday, April 23, 2007

Imagini "visual dna" widget

At imagini you can make your own profile based on selecting images instead of for example using tags.That's also where you can get this widget to display your choices on your blog or website.

You get a list of statements like:

"This is how I like to listen to music..."
"Freedom is..."
"For me love is..."

And then you choose one among 15 images which describes you best.

When you've done that you get a little "book" describing different aspects of your personality, and you can also write something about yourself.

On the right you see a list of people ranked by how much they match your choices.

There is also a list of how your choices compares to others in percentages.

The list is longer on the website.

For me personally i was not surprised that 7 out of my 13 choices was not popular, there's apparently many weirdos out there who doesn't associate "love" with cars, "freedom" with money and "exciting free time" with their computer.

Get yours HERE.

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Xfacts map widget

I don't know about you, but i love messing around with these satellite maps, checking out different parts of the world. :)

This widget from is really great for doing exactly that.You can look at maps from google, msn and yahoo, and you can also search for a location from within the widget.

Interesting to see the same places in different angles, depending on which maps you use.

Here's a part of manhattan in microsoft Virtual Earth:

In Yahoo! Maps:

In Google Maps:
Those are some crooked skyscrapers :)

Get it HERE. or HERE.

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Saturday, April 21, 2007

Blinx, video wall widget.

A "video wall" which can be customized to show videos from world news, entertainment, business, sport or your own search term (Alec Baldwin in this case).

The wall shows videos selected from about a hundred different sources, you can adjust how many videos you want in the width and height.

Get it HERE.

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Add This! All-In-One bookmarking widget.

Let visitors add your page to digg, reddit and 30 other pages by clicking on this one convenient widget.

You get 3 different styles of buttons to choose from:

Get yours HERE.

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PollDaddy polling widget

A really great polling widget from PollDaddy.


* Decide whether you want your poll to be multiple choice or single choice.

* Whether you allow an "other" answer or not.

* Block repeat voters by cookie, or by cookie and IP adress.

For the design of your poll they currently have 14 predefined styles, and you can create your own style by editing a CSS style sheet.

But what is really cool is that you can create a widget and place it wherever you want on your blog, and then when you create or edit polls in your account at PollDaddy the changes will be reflected in your blog without you having to copy and paste any code.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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Widgetbox translation widget.

Nice looking translation widget which uses google translate, it can currently translate from English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, and Portuguese into any of the languages you see in the picture.

You can check it out in my left sidebar.

Get it HERE.

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Friday, April 20, 2007

File-sharing widget from offers various file-storage solutions, with a free account you can store 1GB of files, with a 10MB maximum file size.

They also offer this cool widget where you can share selected files for the visitors of your blog to download, you can see mine in my left sidebar.The box will also show
slideshows of your pictures, and play your mp3s.

You can log into your account from the widget and easily upload files and create new folders.

You can customize the size of the widget to fit anywhere on your blog.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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Bitty browser widget.

This widget is basically a little web browser for your blog, you can use their standard list of "Little Bitty sites" or you can specify whatever page you want.You can also search the web from it.

I just think it's a bit of a shame that they don't provide you with an easy way to make your own list of links like the one you see in the widget here, if you want that you have to make a page yourself.

Get is HERE.

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Yourminis, youtube videos widget.

For more widgets please visit

With this widget from you can watch and search for youtube videos from your blog.

You can choose what videos you want to display when the widget loads, like the most viewed, most discussed, top rated, top favorites, recently added or recently featured.You can also choose whether you want to search for users or tags.

You can easily adjust the color, size and transparency of the widget.

Get it HERE.

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Thursday, April 19, 2007

Others online, Social Networking Widget

This widget lets you add tags which tells other people what your interests are, and provides you with links to other people who are interested in the same things as you.

If you don't register you will only see other people, but they wont see you.If you register you can fill out a profile which shows up if someone hovers your image, and then they can see your links, the interests they share with you, and all your other interests.

They also offer a toolbar which will show you people with interests in the the things you search for and browse online.

The widget comes in 4 different sizes and you can customize the border and background color.

Get the widget HERE.

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Slide SkinFlix, skins and themes for your youtube videos.

I never realized there was such a great body under those suspenders...

Get it HERE.

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Shoutmix chat widget

A good looking chatbox, really easy to configure and with instant preview.Customize colors, size, template style, fonts, fontsize, labels etc.Also includes installation guides for popular sites such as blogger, myspace and others.

There is a free version and a paid upgrade version.

This chatbox looks really nice, especially with the animations when you write or delete a message.

Get it HERE.

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MyChingo, Voicemail widget

With this widget visitors can leave audio messages at your blog, all they need is a michrophone and to press "leave me a message".

With the free version you can record a max 2 min message, and with the paid subscription you can leave 30 min messages.

Get it HERE. (registration required)

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Monday, April 16, 2007

Wink widget

Instead of just having some plain boring text-links to all your profiles and personal pages on the net you can use this nice looking widget from

On their site you can adjust the color of the text, links, background and border,
and more if you fiddle with the code.

I've added one to my right sidebar, it doesn't contain much now but you can at least see what it looks like.

With the widget you can also search with their 'people search engine' which searches Social Networks like myspace, bebo and friendster.

Get it HERE (you have to register)

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Twitter, what am i doing...

Ever had the urge to tell a whole bunch of stranger what you're having for lunch? Well, twitter gives you the opportunity to do just that, either from their homepage or from your mobile phone.

Here is their public timeline where you can see what users are saying right now, and here is another site which also includes a world map so you can see where the twits are: twittervision

I think it's somewhat mesmerizing to watch some of the stuff people all over the world are saying :)

For example "tin_snips" in australia informs us: "note to self: do not dive over my cars bonnet when it is covered in shaving cream ... my suit jacket does indeed get ruined".

"philippec" tells us that it's still snowing in ottawa.

"mamchenkov" in Cyprus has a toothache.

And "morihiro" in Japan tells us: ????Flash????Silverlight?????????(oeo),
whatever that means.

Their widgets:

With this one you can dazzle your visitors with little tidbits of your own fascinating life.

And with this one people can watch what you and your friends and favorites are doing right now.

Get the widgets HERE (you have to register)

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Criteo AutoRoll Widget

This is an automated blogroll which is supposed to show links to sites with similar content as yours.

Immediately after installing it i think that most of the links are good, at least none of them are completely off-topic, so it looks promising.You can check out mine at the bottom of the right sidebar.

You can specify the widht, number of links and the colors.

If you want one for yourself you can get it HERE.

(PS: It only displays links to blogs that have the widget)

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LabPixies radio widget.

This widget from LabPixies lets you listen to your favorite radio stations from your blog.You have 5 buttons which you can program yourself by pressing the settings button and then pressing "change stations", which will bring you to to this page which lets you choose from plenty of radio stations from across the world.

Get your own radio HERE.

AddThis Social Bookmark Button, chat widget

This chat widget is very customizable, but you don't get an instant preview so it's a lot of hassle getting it to look the way you want.


- Reserved nicks, which other user cannot use.

- Ban user from a certain ip or with a certain nick.

- Customizable profanity filter, you can choose to replace "damn" with "dang" etc..

- Customizable spam filter, you can choose to not display messages containing certain words

They also have a paid subscription which has some additional features like flood controll, auto-refresh etc.

Get chattin' HERE.

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Sunday, April 15, 2007

Reddit button

Reddit is a social bookmarking site where people submit stuff they find on the web for people to watch, comment and vote on.

You have to be a member to do these things, but you don't have to be a member to put a reddit button on your blog, so people who like your stuff can submit it.

From their site you have the choice of one of these 3 buttons:

Get your button HERE.

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Saturday, April 14, 2007 Music widget

I really enjoyed this widget, you search for an artist and you get a playlist of songs from that artist and related artists based on playlists made by the users of finetune.

Get it here. (no signup)

You can also sign up at and make your own playlist which you can share on your blog.

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Spotback rating widget.

Yesterday was the public launch of the spotback rating widget, a widget which lets user vote on blog posts.

Currently there are two basic styles of rating gadgets, the plain stars:

And the plain slider:

You can also get a list of the top rated posts in your sidebar:

You can customize almost everything about the widgets look, the colors, the text, the fonts, the dimensions and so on.

Get yours at spotback

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co.mments, Comment tracking system

An easy way to keep track of the comments you make on blogs, and you don't have to sign up for anything:

Go to THIS page, there you will see some bookmarklets which look like this:

If you are using firefox then drag the bookmarklet to the bookmarks toolbar , if you are using internet explorer then right click on it and add it to your favorites.

Now when you make a comment on a blog, you just click the link to co.mments, and the conversation is added to their tracking page:

The unregistered version recognizes your web-browser with a cookie, which means that you can only follow the conversations on the same computer and with the same browser which you used to track them.If you sign up for an account you can follow your conversations anywhere.

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Gabbly chat widget

This chat is easy to install, just go HERE and press "embed" to get the codes.No registration is required, but if you register you get to reserve your chat name and create an avatar.

Gabbly is actually a chat site which can be used to chat on any site on the internet by adding in front of the link.

For example:

There might only be a lame bot there though, who you'll have a "conversation" with somewhat like this:

gabber630: hey, a new person!
gabber630: 24/f/ca, a/s/l?
gabber630: do you have a myspace?!
gabber630: what are you waiting for?
gabber630: brb ^_^ (and he's not coming back)

or this:

gabber410: hi
gabber410: this is wild
gabber410: i've never seen anything like this
gabber410: internets is pretty awesome these days
gabber410: i hope more people come (and he doesn't say anything else)

Get it here.

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Goodwidgets photo widget.

This widget lets you show your photos on your blog.

They got 8 different photo widgets, including this one which i thought was really cool: a photo album which you can use your mouse to turn the page
(try it :))

You can upload your images from their page, or import them from flickr or other photo hosting sites.

There is a free and and a pro (pay) version, on the pro version you get rid of their logo and you can upload more images.

There is a limit to how many images you can upload depending on which widget you choose, varying from max 10 to max 40 for the free widgets, and from max 20 to max 120 for the pro widgets.

You can adjust the size and color of the widget on their page without fiddling with html code.

Get it at goodwidgets.

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Friday, April 13, 2007

Myshoutbox chat widget.

Get it here.

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Meebo me widget

This is a widget for the instant messsaging site which you can use to send messages to your contacts on AIM, Yahoo!, MSN, Google Talk, ICQ and Jabber.

Get it here.

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A whole bunch of cool clocks

These and other clocks can be found on clocklink

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Thursday, April 12, 2007

Openinventions spellchecker

Something i always needed, a spellchecker for my blog. :)

You can see one in my left sidebar.

From Openinventions.
Get it here.

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Google maps for your blog.

With this widget you can show an area in google maps.You cannot search for an area,
but you can specify what area you want to show when you install the gadget.

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LabPixies ToDo list

A neat yellow notebook style todo list for your blog.

Get it from LabPixies.

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Flickr zeitgeist.

This Flickr widget lets you see pictures from flickr.If you're not a member you only get random pictures, if you are a member you can also watch images from your own account and from your contacts accounts.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Translation widget

This widget from punctuated equilibrium let's you translate your blog to french, spanish, german, portuguese, italian, arabic, chinese, japanese, korean and russian.

It uses the google translation tool, and it translates every peace of text on your page.

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Cooltext is a great page to get nice text logos.

On the first page it seems like there is a limited choice, but that is only the general style of the logo.You actually have 1200 different fonts to choose from, and you can adjust the size, font-color, background-color, background-texture, and a whole lot of other things based on the font you choose.

You can also design your own buttons:

So go to cooltext to get your own.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Watch youtube videos in your blog

This cool widget from google lets you search for and watch youtube videos from the comfort of your own blog. :)

Just go to this page to generate the code, and then you can add it to your sidebar or wherever you want it.

You also have the possibility to change the colors, size, number of search results etc.

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Search widget

If you want another way to search your blog than from the blogger navbar
you can install this widget from bloggingsecret.

You can see the widget in my left sidebar.

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Monday, April 9, 2007

Recent comments widget

I've added a recent comments widget to my sidebar.

You can get one here: hackosphere

It's easy to install, you can modify the number of comments you want to display,and the maximum amount of characters you want to show from a comment.

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Fliqzster video widget

This widget lets you, or anyone else, easily upload videos to your blog.

You go here to get the html code:

And then you get this box to upload videos with, very easy.

While waiting for your video to upload to their servers it looks like this:

It took me about a minute to upload this video, and when you're done
you get your html code for embedding the video:

And finally, this is how the video looks like embedded in your blog:

Fliqz is also a video sharing community "the coolest video sharing on the web" according to their site.This coolness includes no searching and no commenting on videos, basically just videos to watch...

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